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4 aprile 2013


Learning and Teaching

Lesson one presentation


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question about albinism meaning

The word ALBINISM describes a condition that sometimes is present at birth in humans and animals.
Humans and animals have ALBINISM when they haven’ t the usual amount of pigment or color in the skin, in the eyes and in the hair, fur or feather.

The PLANTS can have albinism too.
This happens when they haven’t the usual amount of pigment or color in the stems and leaves and/or petals

In Italy on 60.626.442 about 3900 people have one of the types of albinism.
OCA1  is the most  common type of albinism

There isn’t statistics on incidence  of Albinism in Africa

question on pigment mame founded in the skin hair and eyes

question on what is melanin
MELANIN is a compound  that colors our skin, hair and eyes.

There are two types of melanin
black-brown melanin (eumelanin),  red-blond melanin (pheomelanin).
Eumelanin and pheomelanin are present in different amount and different mixture in three different ethnic groups (black, yellow, white)

When there is the usual amount of melanin, the skin, hair and eyes of a person that belongs to the black ethnic group are dark, black.
When there isn’t  the usual amount of  melanin, the skin, hair and eyes of a person that belongs to black ethnic group are pale.
This person HAS ALBINISM.

There are two form of Albinism:  Oculocutaneous (OCA) and Ocular (OA)
ALBINISM OCULOCUTANEOUS when there is little or no melanin in the skin, hair and eyes.
ALBINISM OCULAR when there is little or no melanin in the eyes alone

Oculocutaneous Albinism  (OCA) includes  four types.
Ocular Albinism (OA) includes one type.

The melanocyte produces the melanin.

The MELANOCYTE is a cell with a number of dendritic processes.
The melanocytes are found in the skin, in the hair and in the eyes.

question on melanin functions

The melanin
•    colors the skin, the hair and the eyes;
•    protects the skin from sun damage;
•    does develope and work well the eyes.

question on melanin absence

•    The skin develops well and works well, but it’s pale and hasn’t protection from sun damage.
•    The hair develops well, but it’s pale.
•    The eyes are pale and sensitive to light, doesn’t develop well and doesn’t work well.

lesson one is over

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LESSON 1. What's albinism
LESSON 2. Melanin and skin
LESSON 3. Melanin and eyes
LESSON 4. Causes
LESSON 5. Care, contagion and strange belives

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